Our Projects

Automate using Artificial Intelligence


Advance Security Systems

  • Facial recognition data, suspect identification

  • Objects (Bags) identification and correlation matrix

  • Solving a security challenge 

  • Convenience for travellers

  • Secure stand-alone system 

  • Works quickly and reliably in real time

  • Integrate with boarding process

  • Innovation across the movement in building, most secured access 

Autonomous Vehicles Systems

  • Artificial Intelligence and Big Data Analytics

  • Autonomous Driving

  • Drive Intelligent Insights

  • Automated Toll 

  • Machine learning based vehicle               threats identification

  • In-station solution 

  • Monitoring and Surveillance

  • Passenger information display


Smart City Lighting Systems

  • Energy Management Solutions

  • Smart connected lighting

  • Data Collection

  • Monitoring and Control

  • Data Analysis

  • Real time problem detection

  • Energy Harvesting solution : (Solar and Wind)  Monitoring and control

Automated  Detection of Financial Risks , Fraud Transactions

  • Money network analysis financial statements

  • Automated audit system

  • Detection of fraud pattern

  • Detection in transaction errors

  • Machine Auditor: Prevention and Detection of Fraud

  • Implementing policies and controls.

  • Collection & Evaluation of Audit Evidence 

Tropical Leaves


Artificial intelligence for farm-level sensor-based system

Smart Farming

Precision Farming

cloud-based software solutions integrated with wireless sensors, which boost crop yield while saving water and energy